Welcome to the Faculty of Natural Resources and Spatial Sciences

The Faculty strives to be a world-class academic leader in education, research and innovation within our offered disciplines.  Through quality education, research, innovation and service delivery we provide support and contributions at local, national and international levels towards the achievement of the sustainable development goals.

Our industry-driven NCHE accredited graduate and post-graduate programmes, offer our students the opportunity to be nurtured and developed by a core of national and international staff who pride themselves in professionalism, inspiration, innovative thinking and delivering world-class teaching and research. 

The programmes will offer students the opportunity for community engagement with multiple stakeholders, development and honing of practical skills, links to discipline related educational and professional bodies and possibilities of involvement and engagement in multi-disciplinary national and international research projects.   These opportunities will prepare our graduates to be professional, accountable, capable, innovative and dedicated contributors to the national and global economy in the fields of natural resource and spatial management.

Message from the Dean

Dean Rolf Becker

Welcome to the Faculty of Natural Resources and Spatial Sciences at the Namibia University of Science and Technology. The Faculty’s mission promotes personal and academic advancement of students by conveying knowledge and skills required in the sustainable utilization and management of natural resources. If you yearn to contribute to the sustained national economic growth and competitiveness, this is the right Faculty for you!


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