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Office Block, Office Number 220
PhD.: Grassland Science (SA) (UFS), M.Sc. (Pret.

Research interest:

My interests lie in applying solutions that regenerate ecosystem processes and enhance agricultural production of nutrient dense food and other valuable products, in partnership with farmers and relying on minimal external inputs. A current research project is on the incorporation of agroforestry into dryland maize production by conservation agriculture in Zambezi region. A project being embarked upon is converting encroached bush into biochar and fungal dominated compost.

Key publications:

Zimmermann, I., Pringle, H., Madibela, O. & Kahl, U. (2018). Initial experiments on intensified use of rangelands through enhanced water and nutrient cycling. In: Revermann, R., Krewenka, K.M., Schmiedel, U., Olwoch, J.M., Helmschrot, J. & Jürgens, N (Editors). Climate change and adaptive land management in southern Africa – assessments, changes, challenges, and solutions. Biodiversity & Ecology, 6:226-234. Göttingen & Windhoek: Klaus Hess Publishers.

Zimmermann, I., Nghikembua, M, Shipingana, D, Aron, T, Groves, D. & Marker, L. (2017). The influence of two levels of debushing in Namibia’s Thornbush Savanna on overall soil fertility, measured through bioassays. Namibian Journal of Environment, 1A:52-59.

Zimmermann, I., Matzopoulos, R. & Kwaambwa, H.M. (2017). Options to improve soil fertility with national resources. Namibian Journal of Environment, 1B:7-15.

Andrews, P., Pringle, H.J.R., & Zimmermann, I. (2017). Could critical Australian insights illuminate rangeland management in Namibia? Namibian Journal of Environment, 1B: 1-6.

Zimmermann, I., Shiimi, T., Meroro, A., Kafidi, L. & Mbai, S. (2016). Contributing towards sustainable farming through synergy between student training and action research with emerging farmers. African Journal of Rural Development, 1(3):239 -245.

Zimmermann, I. & Amupolo, H.  (2013). Conversion of encroached bush to biochar for improved soil and livestock. Agricola, 23:14-19.

Pringle, H., Zimmermann, I., Shamathe, K., Nott, C & Tinley, K. (2013). Landscape incision processes favour bush encroachment over open grassland in the two extremes of soil moisture balance in arid zones across southern Africa and Australia. Agricola, 23:7-13.

Schmidt, L., Domptail, S., Klintenberg, P., Gruber, M., Schmiedel, U., Zimmermann, I. & Falk, T. (2013). Transdisciplinary research and stakeholder involvement. A review of the TFO approach. Biodiversity and Ecology, 5:195-212.

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