Willem Adank

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Staff Details

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Office Block, Office Number 225
Dip: Agric. (Neudamm), ND: Nat. Conservation (TSA), B.Tech.: Nat. Conservation (PoN)

Research interest

I am particularly interested in the enforcement of laws and standards set up by governments regarding camping, hunting and laws governing natural resource use. I like giving training courses on firearms safety, camping tips and the importance of preserving natural spaces. Most importantly, I also look into environmental and population health by carrying out regular investigations of water conditions, soil conditions, and populations of animals.


Key publications

Cunningham, P. L. & Adank, W. 2005. /Chamaeleo dilepsis/ Leach, 1819. Flap-neck Chameleon. Prey. /African Herp News/ 38: 19-20.

Cunningham, P. L., Joubert, D. F. & Adank, W. 2004. /Dodonaea angustifolia/ – an alien invasive to Auas Mountains in Namibia? /Dinteria/ 29: 11-18.

Cunningham, P. L., Adank, W. & Esterhuizen, A. 2004. Notes on some aspects of the ecology of /Kirkia dewinteri/ Merxm. & Heine (Kaoko Syringa) from the Kunene Regions, Namibia /Dinteria/ 29: 19-26.

Hengari, G. M., Cunningham, P. L. & Adank, W. 2004. The use of vultures by traditional healers in Namibia /Vulture News/ 50: 23-28.

Cunningham, P. L. & Adank, W. 2003. Testudinidae: Geochelone pardalis (Leopard Tortoise): Fire avoidance /African Herp News/ 36: 9-10.

Cunningham, P. L. & Adank, W. 2003. Gekkonidae: /Pachydactylus turneri/ (Turner’s Thick-toed Gecko): Diet. /African Herp News/ 36: 10-11.

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