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Architecture Building, Floor 1, Room 051

Phillip earned his Bachelor and Master’s of Science in Architecture with distinction at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. He joined the Department of Architecture and Spatial Planning in 2011 as a lecturer, heading the Architecture Section from 2014-16. In 2015 he embarked on his Ph.D. studies at University of Westminster in London, UK, on informal economies and spatial co-production. He is due to graduate in 2020.

M.Sc. Arch (TU Delft), B.Sc. Arch (TU Delft), Ph.D. candidate University of Westminster

Professional Affiliation
MNCAQS (No 579), MNIA (No 358)

Research Focus

  • Participatory design and planning
  • Urban informal economies
  • Housing


  • Architectural Design, History and Theory of Architecture and Urbanism, Construction Materials and Technology


  • African Urbanization in Global Perspective, Honours Design Project 1, Master Design Thesis, Critical Urban Theory

Community Development Activities



Book Chapters

  • Lühl, P., Delgado, G. (2016). A critical Analysis of the Mass Housing Programme. In Bankie, B. F., Jauch, H. (Ed.) The Urban Housing Crisis in Namibia: A Youth Perspective (pp. 208-220). Windhoek: National Youth Council of Namibia
  • MSc Graduation design project published in: Kaminer, T., Robles-Duran, M., Sohn, H., & Boyer, M. C. (2010). Urban asymmetries: studies and projects on neoliberal urbanization. Rotterdam, 010 Publishers.

Peer-reviewed articles

Non peer-reviewed articles

  • Lühl, P., van Greunen, S., Botha, J. (2017). Windhoek Retro-fit: Re-connecting the Fragmented City. Digest of Namibia Architecture 2017, 92-95
  • Lühl, P. (2017). Re-thinking Housing and Urbanization: Namibia’s Urban Forum 2017. Digest of Namibia Architecture 2017, 29-31
  • Lühl, P. (2014). Die Stadt hält uns gefangen. Über die Notwendigkeit einer Urbanen Revolution. Perspektiven 2014, 105-110
  • Lühl, P. (2013). The Production of Inequality: From Colonial Planning to Neoliberal Urbanization in Windhoek. Digest of Namibia Architecture 2012, 10, 26-30
  • Lühl, P., Delgado, G. (2013). Mass Housing in Namibia - A Chance to transcend the socio-spatial geography of Apartheid. Digest of Namibia Architecture 2013, 11, 16-19

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