Bricks in their Places...

With the external examiners / moderators come and gone, the students, like ants escaping from rainfall, have disappeared into their various homes for rest after “long” months of work. But for the staff, it is work as usual. Besides the final compilation and submission of moderated marks, the need to ensure that all bricks are in place in preparation for the 2012 Academic Year is paramount. It is also the time for retro-inspection.According to the external examiners / moderators, the Department has come a long way after the hazy start of 2010. To cite one moderator’s position: “I was impressed with both the combination of project themes and the quality of the work produced by the students. The sequence of the projects from abstract to concrete provide a clear scaffolding for the students’ learning process, and it is evident from discussions with the students that they have found the sequence of projects to be beneficial to their academic development”.

In the list of accomplishments in the outgoing year are: comprehensive review and approval by Senate, of the B.Arch Hons Curriculum; reconstitution of the Programme Advisory Committee; NIA-Department of Architecture Public Lecture Series; renewed professional collaboration with NCAQS; successful academic linkage with FH-Aachen University of Applied Science, Germany; setting up Year I Computer Lab and Plotting / Printing facilities; Departmental Regulations; Work Integrated Learning Guidelines; and development of Departmental Library Resources, amongst others.

Finally, I must give due recognition to the teamwork spirit of the staff. The highly motivated faculty is determined to succeed despite all odds. I am therefore confident that the “foundation bricks” are firmly being laid and the Architecture School at the PoN is bound for greater heights.

Prof. Sampson Umenne, Head of Department

*Originally published on 1 December 2011

Monday, August 13, 2018
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