NASA takes off

Two is better than one. Architecture is no exception. The architect may seem to get all the credit, but the success of any project depends on the smooth collaboration of the team. This is just one reason why the Namibian Architecture Student Association (NASA) was officially established by a handful of students in 2013.

The need was realised to work together and support each other towards a greater understanding of architecture and the built environment. This leads to NASA’s mission statement: “NASA strives to uphold, develop and improve all aspects of architectural studies in the Namibian environment and be a prominent link between students and associated industries. To maintain an unyielding platform for students to prosper”.

Collaboration with related industries, especially architects, will greatly contribute to the success and future development of NASA. The seven passionate and hardworking board members of NASA [President - Luke Koegelenberg; Vice-President - Willie Junius; Secretary - Shammah Phiri; Treasurer - Alan Hsu; Events-Organiser - Sara Nakalila and two Executive Board Members - Michelle Njoba and Christopher Nakuumba] are the driving force to create this link between the “industry”, the Department of Architecture and the students, for a more rewarding and respected field of study.

In conclusion, NASA will lead on their motto: act, progress, success. So that participation, input and working together will cultivate a truly comprehensive student organisation.

Luke Koegelenberg and Willie Junius

*Originally published on 1 July 2013



Monday, August 13, 2018
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