Students off to Germany for Exchange at the FH Aachen

As the Namibian academic year draws to a close, four 2ndyear students are preparing for yet another new academic experience - a 10 week long student exchange at the Aachen University of Applied Sciences in Germany.

Students will be leaving for Germany on October the 8th, together with their host and initiator of the exchange program, Prof. Scheuermann of the FH Aachen, who is currently at the Department for his third visiting lectureship. Thanks to him, all costs including tuition fees, accommodation, food, health insurance and travelling expenses will be covered by a scholarship, which is mainly sponsored by the Department of Architecture of the Faculty of Architecture, Building Design and Construction in Aachen as well as private companies.

The FH Aachen puts a lot of emphasis on the integration of design and construction in architectural education. Students will follow Architectural Design as well as a couple of theory courses in different departments. The experience of a fundamentally different building culture, thoroughly industrialized and largely urban, responding to very different climatic needs and the necessity for energy efficiency, will expand the students' architectural vocabulary. The chance to visit some major works of architecture and urban planning will offer great inspiration.

The idea of the exchange is based on a similar program at the Department of Civil Engineering, where every year 8 students are attending a full semester of studies at FH Aachen. The Departments' ambition is thus to also make the architecture exchange an annual affair, to offer the best 2ndyear students the possibility to widen their (architectural) horizon.

*Originally published on 1 September 2011

Monday, August 13, 2018
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