Bachelor of Geomatics


The Bachelor of Geomatics programme is purposefully designed to prepare students for a career as professional surveyor, with high level knowledge and skills in the acquisition, processing, presentation, and management of geospatial data. The programme provides a systematic and coherent introduction to the main theories, broad principles, concepts, data, and problem-solving techniques in the main cognate area, i.e. Geomatics.The programme will enable students to acquire cognitive skills, practical problem-solving skills, and key transferable skills that are necessary for addressing pressing geomatics challenges.  In addition, the Bachelor of Geomatics will enable students to develop a sense of social responsibility, and an understanding of the role they can play in land reform and sustainable development both in Namibia and the Southern African Region.

Admission Requirements: 

Candidates may be admitted to the Bachelor of Geomatics programme if they meet the general NUST admission requirements, and must comply with the following additional requirements: In addition to meeting the Namibia University of Science and Technology’s General Admission Requirements (GI2.1 in Part 1 of the Yearbook),

Applicants must have a combined total of at least 30 points on the Evaluation Scale, counting up to five subjects as follows:

  • Minimum A-symbol on NSSC Ordinary (or 3-symbol at NSSC Higher) for Mathematics;
  • Minimum B-symbol on NSSC Ordinary (or 4-symbol at NSSC Higher) for Physical Science;
  • Minimum 3-symbol for English Second Language at NSSC Higher;
  • A pass or proof of competency in Computer User Skills (or equivalent) or an Exemption test to be written; and
  • Must be medically and physically fit for fieldwork, which forms an integral part of the programme.
Career Opportunities: 

Professional Surveyor

Modes of Study: 
1 Year
Level of Programme: 
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