Founding Secretary Silas Amutenya leaves DASP

The DASP community is sad to let one of its most popular members move to hopefully greener pastures: Mr Silas Amutenya, the founding secretary of the Department of Architecture, later to become DASP, leaves the Department on 31. March 2018. Since 2011 Silas has been the point of contact of the Department, cherished by staff and students alike for his diligence, his positive spirit and collegiality. As the only male secretary at NUST Silas has challenged stereotypes and surpassed boundaries.


The Department of Architecture and Spatial Plannings' annual first bell assembly will be on the 31st January 2017.

The First Bell Assembly is a traditional annual event of the Department of Architecture and Spatial Planning (DASP) during which staff and students are welcomed back to the Department from holidays. It is also an opportunity to welcome the new/fresh students, just joining the University to our fold as a Department. It is indeed the beginning of the Departmental orientation programme for the fresh students and new staff.

Bricks in their Places...

With the external examiners / moderators come and gone, the students, like ants escaping from rainfall, have disappeared into their various homes for rest after “long” months of work. But for the staff, it is work as usual. Besides the final compilation and submission of moderated marks, the need to ensure that all bricks are in place in preparation for the 2012 Academic Year is paramount. It is also the time for retro-inspection.According to the external examiners / moderators, the Department has come a long way after the hazy start of 2010.

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