Bachelor of Science In Agriculture


The Bachelor of Science in Agriculture provides a systematic and coherent introduction to the knowledge, principles, concepts, data, theories and problem-solving techniques of the agriculture discipline. The programme will enable students to acquire cognitive/ intellectual skills, practical skills and key transferable skills and to apply these skills in solving agricultural related problems that face the Namibian agriculture and commercial/subsistence farming sectors. This programme also intends to provide basic managerial competence through teaching, extension and research, thereby sustaining the agricultural industry, creating new employment opportunities, and contributing to Namibia’s economic development. This programme enables students to specialise in Agribusiness Management; or Sustainable Agriculture. Overall, the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture aims at: • Equipping students with relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes to contribute to agricultural production and sustainable resource management; • Providing students with a sound foundation in the fundamental concepts and theories of agriculture; developing the ability of students to analyse agricultural information from a wide range of sources; • Providing graduates with basic managerial competencies for effective agricultural management, human resources and finances; • Equipping graduates with the requisite skills to work effectively as individuals and as members of a team; and • Providing students with opportunities for continued career education.

Admission Requirements: 

Candidates may be admitted to the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture if they meet Namibia University of Science and Technology’s General Admission Requirements (GI2.1 in Part 1 of the Yearbook). Candidates must also comply with the following additional requirements: • A pass with at least an E-symbol in Mathematics at NSSC Ordinary Level or a 4 at NSSC Higher Level or equivalent; • Passes with at least an E-symbol in Biology or Science related subjects. Candidates who meet the Mature Age Entry requirements of the NUST (GI2.2 in Part 1 of the Yearbook) will also be considered for admission. Holders of the NUST’s Diploma in Agricultural Management (Level 6) will be admitted in this programme and will get exemption for the corresponding courses. They will be exempted from Work Integrated Learning (WIL), but are required to complete all the requirements of their selected strand for those courses without a corresponding course, in order to qualify for the award of the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture: Candidates must be medically and physically fit for fieldwork, which forms an integral part of the programme

Modes of Study: 
2 Years
Level of Programme: 
Course Code: 
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