Date: August 13, 2018

The first generation of architecture students recently completed a design project for a Multi Purpose Community Centre (MPCC) in Hoachanas, in the Hardap Region.

The brief was derived from an ongoing project under the Namibian German Special Initiative Program (NGSIP), initiated by the Namibian and German governments to develop rural infrastructural projects in those regions of Namibia that were affected by German colonial rule. Several communities requested the construction of MPCC's to create a public space of gathering, as well as facilities for Traditional Authorities, cultural performances, small-scale trading and production facilities amongst others.

During a first site visits to Hoachanas the students familiarized themselves with the settlement, the communities' brief and the site, and started developing schemes in groups of 3 to 4 students, guided by second year studio tutors Prof. Sampson Umenne, Victor Chirva and Phillip Lühl. Apart from designing new structures, students proposed the re-use and incorporation of existing underutilized buildings into the scheme, the use of locally available construction materials and landscaping of surrounding areas. In a second site-visit students could present the conceptual schemes to get feedback from the project steering committee, as to how proceed further with their designs. After further design development the project concluded with the final presentation of the 4 group projects to the Department and invited guest critics on July 15th.

For the students and the department this project represents the first step towards a deeper involvement in the challenges of rural development and decentralisation in Namibia.

*Originally published on 1 July 2011


Date: August 13, 2018

Allow us to introduce ourselves, and the first post on our new blog: We are the Department of Architecture, School of Engineering / Polytechnic of Namibia, and we are happy to start this blog in order to keep you, our colleagues in the architectural and urban practice, updated on the development(s) of the Department.

The Department was established in 2010 and we are currently nearing the end of the third semester of its existence. In this short period we have experienced enormous support from members of the architectural practice, and we want to thank those of you who have put in huge efforts in making this project a reality. We are sure that the future will bring much fruitful collaboration and we will continue calling on your much-needed input.

Our first proposal in this regard is to organize a series of monthly public lecturesby architectural or urban practitioners to talk about the challenges of her or his professional practice or any other pertinent architectural or urban topic. This would not only expose our students to the ‘real world’ of architecture and urbanism, but could go a long way in enriching the Namibian architectural debate, which according would benefit from more internal debate and constructive criticism. We therefore call on those of you who might be interested to give a public lecture to contact the undersigned in order to discuss the content of the talk.

We hope you will enjoy this blog.

*Originally published 1 June 2011

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