ERASMUS + Programme       KA 107

As part of the inter-institutional agreement between the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) and the University of Huelva (UHU), within the framework of the ERASMUS + Programme, the Department of Geo-Spatial Sciences and Technology, within the Faculty of Natural Resources and Spatial Sciences, offers two scholarships to motivated Staff members willing to promote NUST within the ERASMUS community and strengthen our ties with the University of Huelva in the following areas of interest:

- Environmental Protection Technology

- Horticulture

- Forestry

- Crop and Livestock production

Description of the mobility Programme

  1. Mobility Duration: 5 days + 2 days travel.
  2. Financial allocation: 120 euros/working day (including 2 days of travel) + 820 euros for travel expenses.
  3. Area of study: Forestry, Crop and Livestock, and Environmental Protection Technology.
  4. Dates: 20th – 24th April 2020 (UHU International Week)
  5. Academic activity (two modes)

a. Staff for training (Preferable NUST Department of International Relations Office Staff): Attending the UHU International Week events. Collaborate with small presentations related to NUST Internationalization strategy and other topics interesting for the ERASMUS community.

b. Staff for teaching (Only for Academic Staff members): Collaborate with teaching activities during one week in the host University (this mode must be discussed previously with UHU Academic coordinator).


  1. Staff member from NUST (Faculty of Natural Resources and Spatial Sciences or Department of International Relations Office).
  2. NUST Participants in the program must have mentored at least one UHU Incoming visitor during the previous mobility period (2019) or must commit to mentor at least one of the UHU Visitors in the current academic year (2020).
  3. Applicants should submit the following:
    1. Submission of motivation letter explaining why you want to take part in the programme, and which was your level of involvement in the past with ERASMUS +, especially regarding the UHU visitors mentorship (200-300 words).
    2. Submission of a short Biography including the List of Projects/ Topics which you would be willing to present as part of the International week (Staff for training) or the courses you would be teaching (Staff for teaching).
    3. Accreditation of Spanish language Skills (if available).

Selection process

The criteria for selection will be as follows:



Education and work experience related to the mobility focus

10 %

Level of participation and commitment with ERASMUS Programme and administrative tasks at DGST

70 %

Spanish language Skills

20 %




Deadline for the submission of applications is on or before 5:00 pm of February 17, 2020. Applications can be submitted online via email to the below indicated contacts:

Miguel Vallejo Orti (

Foibe Johannes (

For further information - contact person:

Miguel Vallejo Orti

061 – 207 2312


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