FNRSS Research Day

Faculty of Natural Resources and Spatial Sciences


Annual Research Day 2019

Date: Friday, OB March 2019

Time: 08:00 -13:00

Venue: NUST Hotel School (Marula Room)


08:00  Welcome 

Dr Rolf Becker (Dean FNRSS)

Session Chair: Morgan Hauptfleisch

08:15 Keynote Address: Namibia Research to Global, Action: The Giraffe Conservation Foundation story

Ms Stephanie Fennessy

09:00 Assessing Vulnerability to Climate Change of Constituencies in Namibia

Mr Lubinda Mwala

09:20  A Living City for Everyone

Ms Stephanie Roland

09:40 Can Livestock Co-operatives Improve Cattle Marketing?

Dr Thinah Moyo


10:00 Tea and Coffee Break


Session Chair: Tendai Nzuma

10:30 Monitoring the Growth of Informal Settlements in Namibia

Dr Carlos de Wasseige

10:50 A Conceptual Model for Sustainable Urban Housing

Mr Victor Chirwa

11:10 Assisted Regeneration of Important Tree Species in Namibia

Mr Chaka Mubita

11:30 Using Remote Sensing to Monitor Soil Erosion in Namibia

Mr Miguel Vallejo

12:00 J.A. Joel and The Development of Modern Architecture in Namibia

Mr Jens Wiedow

12:30 Brainstorm Key Tips to Achieving Action  from Research

Dr Morgan Hauptfleisch

12:50 Closing Remarks

Dr Thomas Christiam

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