PUBLIC LECTURE - A vehicle for engaged practice: Spatial Design towards Spatial Justice at a 1to1 scale

1to1 – Agency of Engagement is a nonprofit social-enterprise that seeks to support the forces that are positively and systematically shaping the way that Southern African cities are seen, made & managed towards a spatially just future. 1to1 refers to a scale of approach toward design with, not for, people of South Africa; a scale of engagement that reflects human centered-values in its approach and actions, a scale of reflexive practice that recognises why we are is as important as who we are in our work; it is a scale of action that guides ideas and strategies actioned at a grass-roots scale to affect city-wide and national spatial change. 1to1 operates at these scales of engagements by supporting grass-roots groups across South Africa through locally developed socio-technical support methods, innovative co-production tools and a larger aim to expand the role of design in regard to spatial justice for Southern African cities. The speakers will be sharing the story of their journey from students to social-entrepreneurs and reflecting on valuable insights, critical lessons and important mistakes made over the last 10 years.

About the speakers: 

Jacqui, Dumisani and Jhono are part of the design-led social enterprise 1to1 - Agency of Engagement which was originally launched in 2010 as a means of developing an additional mode of critically engaged design practice while serving as a platform to develop and support spatial practitioners working across South Africa’s post-1994 urban re-development sector. Jacqui, having trained in Johannesburg and practiced across sub-saharan Africa now leads 1to1 as executive director. Dumisani carries decades of experiences as a social mobiliser, leader of various CBO groups and works closely with 1to1 as a grass-roots socio-technical practitioner. Jhono, co-founder alongside Jacqui and the late Mohau Melani, is a former operations lead who now serves as advisor to 1to1 while completing his doctoral studies at UCL’s Bartlett School of Architecture. 

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About the event:

This public lecture will be streamed virtually to a live audience at the Department of Architecture's Seminar Room. To be a part of the online audience, please send a request to

DATE: 19 November 2020

TIME: 14h30 CAT

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