Desire Husselmann

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Staff Details

Office Location: 
Land Management, Lab 6
BSc. Geomatics

I am the laboratory Technician for Geo-Information Technology and completed my Bachelor of Science in Geomatics at Namibia University of Science and Technology in November 2014.  I am currently pursuing a Bachelor in Geo-Information Technology Honours at NUST as I am eager to excel and prosper in my current career field.  Before I was employed as a Laboratory Technician at NUST I worked as a part-time lecturer at NUST and was also employed at Baard & van Niekerk Land Surveyors on a part-time basis.

Research Interests:

I’m currently busy with my mini thesis which will be based on crime analysis. I’m interested in crime analysis and assessments as this could enable us to identify crime hotspots as well as the spatial patterns related to various criminal activities. This could later on assist us in creating predictive models related to crime as well as to help with the reduction of crime. Hopefully this research could be presented to the Namibian Police and City Police once it is completed, highlighting the need for more use of GIS within the police departments.


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