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Land Management, Room 9
M.Sc. Geoinformatics, Professional Master (GIS), B.Sc. (Survey), B.Eng. (Industrial) Registered Professional Land Surveyor, Registered Sectional Title Practitioner

Research Interests: 

I have been doing research on the geometric accuracy and usability of Small Format Aerial Photography (SFAP) for planning and management of informal settlements, since 2003.  I am currently investigating the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) as a platform for SFAP, mainly for large scale orthophoto mapping of informal settlements, but focusing more on issues of geometric accuracy and quality control (error analysis, geometric quality control, metadata and the development of quality standards to facilitate the use of SFAP for cadastral and precise surveying applications).  I am also interested in the use of SFAP for 3D modelling and analysis of structures, land forms and vegetation, including earth surface and vegetation morphodynamics, as well as mining, architectural and engineering applications.

I am also engaged in aspects of cadastral reform, especially relating to land delivery to the urban poor.  In this regard I have been actively involved in the development and/or amendment of regulations for the Flexible Land Tenure Act, Sectional Titles Act, and the Professional Land Surveyors’, Technical Surveyors’ and Survey Technicians’ Act.   

Key publications:
Lewis, J. (2017). Law Reform for Improved Delivery of Land to the Urban Poor. In D.P. Zongwe & Y. Dausab (Eds.), Law Reform and Development Commission of Namibia at 25: A Quarter Century of Social Carpentry (pp. 135-171). Windhoek, Namibia: Ministry of Justice - Law Reform and Development Commission. ISBN 9789994500994.

De Vries, W., Lewis, J. (2009). Are Urban Land Tenure Regulations in Namibia the Solution or the Problem? Land Use Policy, Volume 26 (pp. 1116-1127).

Georgiado, J., De Vries, W., Lewis, J. (2003). The Cost of Land Registration: A Case Study of Cost Efficiency in Namibia.   The Australian Surveyor, Volume 48 No.1 (pp. 7-20).

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