Klaus Wieder Personal Page

Research Interests:

  • Telmatics,
  • Numerics,
  • Graph Theory, and
  • Mathematical Optimisation.


  • 1984: Dipl.Wirtsch.-Ing.: University of Karlsruhe (Economics and Engineering)
  • 1987: Dr. rer. pol.: University of Karlsruhe: (Mathematical Optimisation)
  • 30 years Software Development and Software Engineering
  • 20 years Senior Management
  • 12 years Teaching Mathematics and IT

 Courses taught/developed:

  • Mathematics I-IV
  • Operations Research I + II,
  • Numerics I+II,
  • Mathematical Optimisation I+II,
  • Theory of Computation,
  • Software Engineering,
  • Geo-Informatic Programming, and
  • Research Methodology.

Capacity Development/outreach/public engagement/projects currently involved in

  • Poly Fleet Monitoring,
  • City of Windhoek Bus Monitoring,
  • Automated Road Quality Assessment for Namibia, and
  • SSC-DF: Online Study Loan, Bursary, Project and Training Scheme Applications

Social Media links:

  • Research Gate

Publication list:

Journal Publications:

Jandl, H.-P., Wieder, K. (1988). A continuous set covering problem as a quasidifferentiable optimization problem, Optimization, 19(6), Taylor & Francis, 781-802.

Jandl, H.-P., Wieder, K. (1986). On the implementation of an algorithm to solve unrestricted quasidifferentiable optimization problems. Methods Oper. Res., 55, 55-73.

Special Edition:

Wieder, K. (2006). Versandhandel 2006: Neue Anforderungen erzwingen neue Prozesse, Versandhausberater Spezial, Ausgabe 08/2006, pp. 2—3.


Wieder, K. (1988). A continuous set covering problem, Fortschr.-Ber., Reihe 16 Nr. 47. Düsseldorf, VDI-Verlag.

In Preparation:

Conference Papers:

Kawana, D., Jere, N., Wieder, K. Investigating Location-Based Services In Resource Constrained Environments: A Namibian Case Study

2015: Shilongo, N., Wieder, K. Towards Automated Road Quality Assessment

Journal Articles:

2015: Wieder, K., A Note on Equality Constraints for the ellipsoid method in linear programming.

2016: Wieder, K. A Note on Distances to Line Segments.


2016: Wieder, K. Theory of Computation: Textbook

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