List Staff

Dr Rolf Becker Dean View Profile
Mrs Ingrid Mgohagulema Secretary: Office of the Dean View Profile
Ms Melissa Schoeman Contract Lecturer View Profile
Ms Selma Udjombala Intern View Profile
Geo-Spatial Sciences and Technology
Dr Thomas Christiansen Associate Dean View Profile
Mr Lameck Mwewa Associate Dean , Senior Lecturer View Profile
Ms Celeste Espach Head of Department , Lecturer View Profile
Ms Taimi Ndesheetelwa Angula Secretary View Profile
Dr Carlos de Wasseige Associate Professor EOSA/RTC Coordinator View Profile
Ms Desire Husselmann Lab Technician View Profile
Dr Nichola Knox Associate Professor Coord. Master in Spatial Sciences View Profile
Mr Sebastian Mukumbira Lecturer Coord 07BGIT View Profile
Mr Erich Naoseb Junior Lecturer Section Head: Geomatics View Profile
Mr Kaleb Negussie Lecturer Section Head: GIT View Profile
Mr Miguel Vallejo Orti Lecturer Coord. Honours GIT (08BGIH) View Profile
Dr Ingrid Stengel Adjunct Professor View Profile
Prof Klaus Wieder Professor Coord Masters in Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation (09MGEO) View Profile
Mr Joe Lewis Senior Lecturer Section Head: Geomatics View Profile
Mr Frikkie Louw Lecturer View Profile
Mr Taruwona Makaza Lecturer View Profile
Mr Michael Mutale Deputy Head of Department , Lecturer View Profile
Mr Paulus Hafeni Nashidengo Store Officer , Tutor View Profile
Mr Edworks Sinvula Lecturer View Profile
Mr David Varges Junior Lecturer View Profile
Agriculture and Natural Resources Sciences
Mr Salomo M. Mbai Head of Department , Lecturer View Profile
Dr Hilma Rantilla Amwele Deputy Head of Department , Senior Lecturer View Profile
Ms Lucia Kafidi Lecturer Time-tabling View Profile
Mr Richard Kamukuenjandje Senior Lecturer Coord. Honours Master View Profile
Ms Angelina Kanduvarisa Lecturer View Profile
Ms Gertruida Louisa Theron Lecturer : Entomology NRS Section Coord. View Profile
Mr Alexander Kambai Meroro Lecturer : Extension WIL Coord. View Profile
Mr Theofilus Shiimi Lecturer : Agricultural Economics View Profile
Dr David Uchezuba Lecturer : Agricultural Economics Coord. Master AgroB View Profile
Dr Ibo Zimmermann Deputy Director : Rangeland science Coord. PhD View Profile
Mr Willem Adank Lecturer : Conservation View Profile
Mr Clifford Akashambatwa Tutor View Profile
Ms Shirley Bethune Senior Lecturer : Auquatics View Profile
Dr Vera de Cauwer Senior Lecturer View Profile
Dr Morgan Hauptfleisch Senior Lecturer : Ecology Res. Coord. DANR View Profile
Mr Helmuth Tjikurunda Laboratory Assistant , Tutor View Profile
Mr Richard Kavari Lecturer : Environmental Development View Profile
Dr Meed Mbidzo Senior Lecturer : Conservation Coord.Honours View Profile
Mrs Clarence Ntesa Lecturer : Environmentalist View Profile
Mr Tendai Nzuma Lecturer View Profile
Dr Ben Strohbach Senior Lecturer : Botany Coord. Master NRM View Profile
Mr Mwala Lubinda Lecturer View Profile
Dr Jonathan Kamwi Lecturer View Profile
Dr. Thinah Moyo Senior Lecturer View Profile
Dr Grace Nandesora Kangueehi Senior Lecturer View Profile
Prof Theodorus Wassenaar Associate Professor View Profile
Ms Gail Morland Junior Lecturer View Profile
Mr Brian J. Mhango Lecturer : Soil Scientist, GIS Analyst and Land Use Planner View Profile
Architecture and Spatial Planning
Prof. Sampson Umenne Director , Head of Department View Profile
Mr Victor Chirwa Lecturer Examination Officer View Profile
Mr Phillip Lühl Lecturer Public Outreach Coordinator View Profile
Ms. Waseela Parbhoo Lecturer Timetabling View Profile
Mr Oliver Quarmby Lecturer Undergraduate Coordinator: Architecture & QS View Profile
Mrs Gaby Hansen Lecturer Social Welfare Officer, Exams officer, Early Alert Representative View Profile
Mr Conrad Stoffberg Lecturer Deputy Undergraduate Coordinator: Architecture View Profile
Dr Madelein Stoffberg Lecturer Postgraduate Coordinator: Architecture View Profile
Mrs Sophia van Greunen Lecturer Career Guidance and Marketing View Profile
Mr Jens Wiedow Lecturer Workshop Officer View Profile
Ms Kristofina Asino Lecturer Public Outreach Deputy Coordinator View Profile
Mrs Marina Coetzee Senior Lecturer Post-Graduate Coordinator: BTRPH; BRRDH View Profile
Mr Pieter Genis Lecturer Examination Coordinator: Spatial Planning View Profile
Ms Jane Gold Lecturer Katrin Vaatz Resource Centre Coordinator View Profile
Mr. Abraham Harris Lecturer View Profile
Mr Jacques Korrubel Deputy Head of Department , Senior Lecturer View Profile
Ms Nadine Korrubel Lecturer View Profile
Ms Geraldine van Rooi Lecturer View Profile
Mr Tinoapei Dhliwayo Lecturer Coordinator: Bachelor of Quantity Surveying View Profile
Mr Laudika Kandjinga Lecturer Deputy Undergraduate Coordinator: Spatial Planning; Deputy Coordinator Examination View Profile
Ms Jennilee Kohima Lecturer Deputy Coordinator: Katrin Vaatz Resource Centre; Deputy Coordinator: Career Guidance and Marketing; Deputy Coordinator: WIL View Profile
Dr Eric Yankson Lecturer Research Coordinator; Undergraduate Programme Coordinator (Spatial Planning) View Profile
Ms Esther Shipuata Junior Lecturer View Profile
Mr Alaric Britz Junior Lecturer View Profile
Ms Stephanie Roland Lecturer View Profile
Mr Cyrlius Tjipetekera Lecturer Deputy Coordinator for Katrin Vaatz Resource Centre, Deputy Research Coordinator View Profile
Land and Property Sciences
Prof Mutjinde Katjiua Head of Department Coordinator of Masters Integrated Land Management, FNRSS Higher Degree Committee representative View Profile
Mr Charl-Thom Bayer Lecturer View Profile
Prof. Wolfgang Werner Programme Coordinator - Land Administration (Bachelor Honors) , Associate Professor Research Coord. DLPS View Profile
Prof. Stig Enemark Adjunct Professor View Profile
Prof. Michael Kirk Adjunct Professor View Profile
Mr Amin Issa Deputy Head of Department , Lecturer View Profile
Mr Samuel Hayford Programme Coordinator - Property Science (Honors & Diploma) , Section Head , Lecturer View Profile
Ms Celina Awala Lecturer View Profile
Ms Ase Christensen Programme Coordinator - Land Administration (Bachelors) , Lecturer View Profile
Mr. Sam Mwando Lecturer View Profile
Mr Uaurika Kahireke Junior Lecturer View Profile
Mr Verinjaerako Kangotue Junior Lecturer View Profile
Ms Elina Teodol Junior Lecturer View Profile
Mr. Theodor Muduva Advisor for Academic Cooperation View Profile
Ms Muna Anguwo Project Coordinator View Profile
Ms Emorgen Jansen Administrative Assistant View Profile
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